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Water with meals GOOD or BAD?

photo HydrationDrinking water with meals is one of the most common triggers for poor health long term. In order to extract nutrients from food the body produces stomach acid also called hydrochloric acid.

Food will always be digested more efficiently by a greater concentration of acidity. Did you know that digestion in the stomach takes approximately two hours? Initially food is broken down to its primary compounds. Secondly the minerals and vitamins are detached from proteins and become available for further transformation processes. Finally the proper stomach acid concentration neutralises the bad bacteria that comes with food and water.

Intrinsic factor is activated by good concentration of stomach acid. It is responsible for transporting B12 to the colon for its absorption. In my clinical practice cases of borderline or severe deficiency of B12 is a very common. Low B12 levels manifests with the following symptoms: brain fog, low energy, heart palpitations and numbness.

3 Reasons Why we Shouldn’t Drink Water with Meals:

1st REASON – pH:

The primary reason we shouldn’t drink water with meals is the difference in pH. Water is alkaline and it neutralizes stomach acid interfering with the digestive process. Low stomach levels doesn’t properly break down food. This will results in a limited availability of nutrients, especially minerals and amino-acids. When the pH shifts the gut flora change too. Un balanced flora forms its own pH environment which is often not suitable for good bacteria to thrive. The alternation of the gut environment over time leads to leaky gut syndrome and people’s overall health becomes compromised.

2nd REASON – inflammation:

Undigested food creates inflammation in the digestive tract. Long term inflammation contributes to SIBO, IBD, leaky gut and all metabolic disorders. People with chroning conditions has long term inflammation in their bodies.

Optimal Time & Quantity:

It is very important to hydrate your body prior to your meal. Water before meals will provide the resource/base to create stomach acid when you eat. After you have practiced this healthy hydration habit for some time, your body will start to ask for more hydration prior meals and you will not feel the need for water during the meals.

TIME: The perfect time is 30 minutes before each meal.

QUANTITY: Drink between 300 – 500ml each time.

As previously mentioned, digestion takes approximately 2 hours. During that time you should leave your digestive system in peace to perform its job optimally for your improved health.

The picture for this article is by Joseth Greve @lime517 from Unsplash

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