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– Your Blood Never Lies – Blood & other Tests in Tunbridge Wells

Why and when I recommend testing.

Testing is a more precise way to discover some of the factors that trigger symptoms in a client. It helps to understand better the physiological situation on a cellular level, which provides a good base from which a more tailored and functional approach can be taken.

I often use free, noninvasive testing during the consultation or soon after, which can be performed at home.

If a test can be done free of charge by a GP, I always inform the client about this. Unfortunately, the tests available through your GP are limited and they are mostly given when a client feels very poorly for a long time.

As a Naturopathic Practitioner I prefer to use testing as methods to catch early warning signs in order to prevent and optimize the body’s functions and micro, macro elements levels. Therefore, I work with different independent, well established scientific laboratories to get the best outcome for my clients.

The following tests can be ordered:

SIBO Tests
Gluten Tests
Genetic Tests
Thyroid Tests
Adrenal Tests
Candida Tests
Leaky Gut Tests
Hormones Tests
Parasitology Tests
Omega 3 & 6 Tests
Hair Analysis Tests
Auto-immune Tests
Gut Microbiom Tests
Food Intolerance Tests
Nutritional Status Tests
Cancer Prediction Tests
Blood (B12, D, Iron +) Tests

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