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Digestive Wellness Online Programme

«Thank you for the programme, Nadiya! Joining the group was the best decision I have ever made in my life. I wasn’t new to a healthy lifestyle / eating as I’ve been a healthy eating freak for the last 3 years but the programme just made me realise more things I had been getting wrong. It was just easier for me to change my bad habits, knowing that there were other people doing the same stuff.

Your recipes were the best part of the programme. I didn’t waste my time preparing my meals and then putting them in a bin as I loved your recipes to bits, I was not disappointed by any of them. They were all delicious!

I also liked the fact that you were always available to answer our questions and you always gave us clear explanations. Your tips/advice ALWAYS ALWAYS worked. My favourite phrase from the programme is: ‘quality over quantity’ and it will stay with me forever. The programme did work wonders! Gluten free diet is definitely the one for me and I feel so much better already.

My husband’s problem has been solved too. As you already know, we have been dealing with his ‘barking’ cough for ages with no success. Again, the programme made us realise that gluten free diet is the one for him too and the problem was solved within a week once forever . All in all, a brilliant programme that works wonders I would recommend to everyone! Thanks again, Nadiya! You’ve give us a lot on this programme so I hope ‘you get what you give.’ I am really hoping to be working with you again in the future. All the best!»

O.D. Dover