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TERMS OF ENGAGEMENT with Nadiya Kondratyeva


Nutritional Therapy is an alternative health care system that can naturally help to build the body’s strength and alleviate many symptoms by acting on root causes, however, no claim is made to any nutritional protocols. Each person is unique and Nutritional Therapy and Nutritional Program can work differently even when similar health issues are present in different individuals.

The below information must be read and signed before the Nutritional Consultation or Health Coaching or Program takes place.

Signing options:

1) Online by completing the form below
2) Download and print the Terms or Engagement, once signed please send to or bring the form with you to the consultation

By signing this statement of engagement you acknowledge that:

The Practitioner

Principles of Naturopathic Medicine are applied in Nutritional Therapy to help the body’s natural healing process. A holistic approach is implemented and multiple areas that affect our wellbeing are considered during the Nutritional Consultation. These include nutrition, exercise, emotional and physical health. During the consultation some non invasive tests may be performed, however only with your consent.

The Nutritional Therapist Practitioner requests that the Client acknowledge the following points:

1. I am a Nutritional Therapist NOT a conventional medical doctor (GP).
2. Nutritional Therapy or a Health Program can work differently for each individual client.
3. Nutritional Therapy will be tailored to a specific health concern of the Client and advice will be given and agreed between both the Nutritional Therapist and the Client.
4. Nutritional Therapists cannot claim to cure, treat or diagnose medical conditions and the nutritional protocol cannot be substituted for professional medical advice or treatment.
5. My approach has proven clinical foundations and based on a Functional Medicine Model, but may not be yet widely recognised by allopathic medicine.
6. I may advise you to see a different health practitioner if I believe that this would benefit your situation.
7. The nutritional aspect in the consultation is not the absolute key to your wellbeing, but a failure to follow this step and other action points will not result in the expected results.
8. Nutritional Therapist acts as a guide, motivator and a professional specialist. The Client is fully responsible for their own health and all decisions. The Nutritional Therapist has the right to discontinue the consultation or a health program if the service provided would not satisfy your needs or expectations.
9. In accordance with the new GDPR regulations in 2018, your personal data will be  securely stored within my clinical practice for 8 years after which they will be securely destroyed. You are entitled to request a copy of your data and ask to destroy your profile at any time within 8 years from the day of your last consultation.
10. Your personal data will never be passed on to a third party unless agreed with you with the scope to provide clinical information to another medical practitioner.
11. I practice in accordance with the British Association of Applied Nutrition (BANT) & Nutritional Therapy’s Code of Ethics and Practice.
12. I can recommend food supplements and/or test as part of your Nutritional Therapy Program and may receive a commission on these products or services.
14. If I offer you a 10% discount on Natural Dispensary I will share your email address and your full name with them.
15. If I book a test with a third party on your behalf I will share your contact details (address, email, full name and phone) with them.
16. If the business Nutritionist Tunbridge Wells will be sold, the personal data will be passed on to the new business owner.
17. I acknowledge that any naturopathic therapies, supplements and medications can lead to potential health complications. These include but are not limited to the aggravation of pre-existing symptoms, intolerances or allergic reactions.

The Client

1. Consultation fees can be found on my website but will be confirmed in the confirmation email prior your Nutritional Consultation.
2. Payment must be made in advance of the consultation. Cheque, cash or bank transfer are accepted.
3. If you would like to cancel your appointment please give at least 48h notice, otherwise you will be charged an administration fee of £45.
4. You are responsible for contacting your GP about any health concerns discussed during the consultation.
5. If you are receiving treatment from your GP, or any other medical provider, you should tell them about any nutritional strategy provided by your nutritional therapy practitioner. This is necessary because of any possible reaction between medication and the nutritional program.
6. It is important that you tell your nutritional therapy practitioner about any medical diagnosis, medication, herbal medicine, or food supplements, you are taking as this may affect the nutritional program.
7. If you are taking any food supplements as part of your programme you are advised to continue them only for as long as directed by your practitioner.

I understand the above and agree that our professional relationship will be based on the content of this document.


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