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The most Comprehensive Health Questionnaire for Alternative Health Practitioners. Save your time and make your practice more organised by using this practical HQ.

No monthly payment for subscription, pay only once and use it with no restrictions. This HQ is created by analysing many different Health questionnaires, using common sense and clinical practice. It includes the 10 Bodily Systems with particular attention to Digestive System.

Furthermore it considers the other vital triggers including vaccination, dental health, life-work balance, shopping list and food diary.

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Health Questionnaire (HQ) for Alternative Medicine Practitioners

The Health Questionnaire (HQ) in the electronic form is primarily an indispensable tool for any Health Practitioner, because it saves time, the most precious resource we have.

Over years of clinical experience and post graduated education in Functional Medicine I have created a very comprehensive, easy to complete and stylish Health Questionnaire. My clients, colleagues and I love it and I am sure you will love it too.

Introducing the Health Questionnaire to my practice simplified and sped up the way I work. Let’s have a look at the other benefits it can bring to your practice.

Benefits of working with the Health Questionnaire.

  • save lots of time
  • less stress during the consultation as everything is in the HQ
  • no paper work to keep for 7 years from the last consultation for each client!
  • save it and find it easily on your computer or memory stick and complies with GDPR
  • practical and easy to use for both the practitioner and the client

Who the HQ is designed for?

The Health Questionnaire is designed for all Alternative Medicine Health practitioners. It considers all the systems in the body and includes lifestyle factors. Download the HQ example and try to use it to understand how life changing it can be for your practice. To fill in the HQ electronically you will need to have the Adobe Reader program. Please note: most laptops and computers have Adobe Reader as a preset program. If your computer doesn’t, please download it here for free: 

The price for the HQ includes:

  • personalisation with your logo
  • colour synchronisation with your logo for the fields your clients will be filing in
  • minimal adjustments e.g. remove one symptom, add one symptom

If you would like major changes to the form please contact me to discuss the amendments and the additional fee.

How to buy the HQ for Alternative Medicine Health Practitioners?

Fill in the contact form below and we will get back to you at the earliest opportunity. Alternatively feel free to call or send a text via What’s App on +447474794947

The Health Questionnaire is available in English, Italian and Russian languages.

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