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photo tap water & optimal hydration habit

Optimal Hydration Habits

photo tap water & optimal hydration habitWhat is optimal hydration habits?

Hydration is one of the major keys to our well-being, but most of us don’t hydrate the body properly. Lack of optimal hydration results in premature ageing, weight gain and most chronic conditions.

Another issue with hydration is that we don’t respect the physiology of our body, mostly because of lack of knowledge. The following suggestions will optimise your overall health but especially of your digestive system which is the key to our health.

5 tips to Optimal Hydration Habits:

  1. Water 300 – 500ml three times a day, 30 minutes before breakfast, lunch and dinner; easy to remember and provides the minimal hydration required to support the stomach and overall health.
  2. No water or other drinks with meals or within the 2 hours after; to minimise the stomach stretching and because water is alkaline which dilutes the stomach acidity resulting in poor nutrient extraction and fermentation in the gut.
  3. Water, other foods and drinks can be consumed only 2 hours after a meal is finished; this is the time required by the stomach to ensure proper digestion and nutrient extraction.
  4. If you really want to drink something with your meal, go for warm water with lemon and/or ginger, digestive tea, wine, sparkling water with lemon but not more than 100150ml (Japanese tea cup size).
  5. Never drink tap water among many nasty chemicals it contain chlorine and chloride which affect thyroid function and gut microbial.

Did you know that all drinks except water are recognised as food? This means that stomach acid is secreted. The stomach acid is priceless resource in our body and we shouldn’t waist it. You can test your stomach acid from comfort of your home and free of change. To perform the test follow this link: Stomach Acidity Test.

The picture for this article is by Jacek Dylag @dylu from Unsplash

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