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Foto Clinical Nutritionist & Functional Medicine Practitioner Nadiya Tunbridge Wells

Nutritional Therapy in Tunbridge Wells

I offer Naturopathic Nutritional Consultations with the application of my Functional Medicine Approach to each client. During the consultation we discuss the issues of concern and create a personalised plan that usually includes nutritional advice, botanical remedies, supplements and different techniques to minimise triggers such as stress and toxins overload.

I always consider clients’ needs, budget and create an action plan to fit a busy lifestyle.

All Nutritional Therapy options are following Functional Medicine Approach

Express consultation – 50 minutes consultation during which we discuss symptoms of concern, possible triggers and action plan. This consultation is for new clients only and it does not include the summary in written form.

Health Pack №1 – package that includes first consultation, summary of the consultation via email (within 5 working days), a follow up (within 6 weeks from the first consultation) and support in between consultations via email, text and What’s App.

Health Coaching – one month support with one follow up to review and amend the plan if necessary. Health Coaching is a personalised support, motivation and encouragement to stay on the path of health for both clients that had an express consultation and for clients that completed Health Pack №1

The consultation takes place in Tunbridge Wells, Rusthall or via Phone. To book your consultation please use Contact page:

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