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Men's Health Awareness Week UK

Men’s Health Awareness Week: Prostate, Suicide, Lungs & Heart Diseases.

Men's Health Awareness Week UKIn honour of Father’s day and Men’s Health Awareness Week, from the 15th until the 21st of June, I have decided to put together an article to raise awareness of preventable health issues that thousands of males over the world face.

During Men’s Health Awareness Week health practitioners help to spread information about easy steps that can help to improve men’s wellness and prevent sometimes fatal conditions. Gaining knowledge on these issues can empower males and potentially save their lives.

Men’s Health Awareness Week Goal:

Men’s Health Awareness Week’s goal is to raise awareness of preventable health problems among men, both young and old, and encourage them to learn about issues and take early action to avoid these problems advancing.

In 2018 13 men died in the UK every day from suicide, this makes up to 4,903 or three quarters of total death. 2018 was marked as the highest increase in suicidal death with significant increase from the rate in 2017.

All of these deaths surely have some underlying mental and physical imbalances that need to be looked at. Statistics also show that prostate issues, respiratory disorders, diabetes and cardiovascular disease are the major killers.

Some of the action each man should do:

Many people aren’t aware that numerous issues start in the gut and one of the most influential triggers for both males and females are nutrient deficiencies that come from poorly functioning GIT tract and unbalanced diet.

3 most common nutrient deficiencies in males:


A lack of zinc in males is much more common than you think. This mineral plays a crucial role in prostate health, sperm generation, immunity and other vital bodily functions.

Did you know?!

Men lose 15ml of zinc each egaculation.

One of the signs of a zinc deficiency can be white spots on your nails. These white spots indicate that you do not have enough zinc in your bloodstream, and therefore must eat foods rich in zinc and take supplements. Due to the loss of zinc through sperm, men should take zinc on a daily basis to prevent problems relating to fertility and prostate.

Vitamin D:

Low vitamin D is observed in people with low mood, depression and metabolic disorders such as diabetes (a silent killer for many men). To find out what your vitamin D level is you can request a test at your GP or perform it privately at a very affordable price of around £30. Check the article Blood Test at GP to find out more.

Omega 3:

Omega 3 is crucial for its anti-inflammatory action. It is commonly known that all diseases as a base have inflammation. This type of omega is very important for prevention of heart disease, brain disease and diabetes, all of which are rated very high and lead to premature death in male. One should prefer the omega 3 to 6 blood test before starting supplementing the omega. This test is not available at GP, but can be done privately, to find our more follow this link:

Other lifestyle changes one should look into are: Men’s Health Awareness Week

  • Quit smoking.
  • Reducing alcohol to max 12 units a week.
  • Performing at least 10000 steps on daily bases.
  • Increase physical activity to at least 150 minutes a week.

If you are concerned about anything you should work with a health practitioner, like myself, to create a personalised plan that will target specific areas and address weaknesses.

Another very important factor: Men’s Health Awareness Week

Physical health is just one side of the issue, the other one is mental health.

In the past, men’s mental health has not been taken seriously. However, over recent years, men’s mental health has come to the attention of the media and the general public. This has prompted movements that encourage males to speak up if they are suffering from mental health problems such as depression.

It is highly important to address this issue as males often don’t speak up because of societal expectations stating that they should be strong and deal with their own problems.

There are many actions that men can take to improve their mental health, such as counseling, seeing a specialist and taking steps towards a healthy lifestyle.

Exercising and creating a healthy and balanced diet heals your body from the inside out. Food affects not only physical health but mental too.

NHS support for Men’s Health Awareness Week

NHS provides a platform for men to check symptoms to determine whether they need professional help. This forum provides reliable sources of evidence-based information. NHS can perform checks on your heart, your mental health and the rest of your general wellness. This helps men take steps towards seeking help for health issues and shows them that they are not alone and that help is always close by.

During the period of Men’s Health Awareness Week until Father’s Day share your tips and experience on social media and use tag #menshealthweek to help to spread the word.

Best Wishes.

Nadiya Clinical Naturopathic Nutritionist and Functional Medicine Practitioner.

Picture from Unsplash by Dainis Graveris


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