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Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

icon digestive systemIBS is a digestive system disorder which manifests itself with multiple unwanted symptoms including:

– excessive gas
– abdominal pain/cramps
– urgency to liberate the bowel
– alternation of constipation and diarrhoea

The cause of this condition is currently unknown; however, individuals who suffer from its symptoms often report triggers such as particular foods or stress.

Currently, there is no clinically proven cure for IBS; however, it can be managed through diet, medication, supplements and adopting a healthy lifestyle.

People affected by IBS should perform an Elimination Diet or Food Intolerance Test. This would be a good starting point to find out what an individual’s triggers are.

IBS is a condition that can be silent for years or sometimes even decades, and many of the symptoms are ignored for quite sometime until the symptoms became more persistent and uncontrollable. The eradication of the symptoms and rebalancing the gut health is not a quick fix but a journey on which one will change dietary habits and lifestyle choices.

If you would like to investigate the root cause then a Comprehensive Stool Analysis is recommended. This Function Test will provide you with information about your gut microbiome including the terrain, good bacteria, commensal flora, disbiotic flora, yeast, candida, single cell parasite and worms. From the test, other important markers will give key information about your GIT(Gastro Intestinal Tract).

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