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photo Stomach Acid Tips

Improve your stomach acid in 5 steps:

Improve your stomach acid in 5 steps:A low stomach acidity is very common nowadays and it leads to all sorts of health conditions including dysbiosis, parasites, intolerances, low B12, anaemia, low minerals, brittle nails and hair, low mood, skin conditions, autoimmune disorders, leaky gut and all chronic conditions. To understand its importance let’s have a look at the stomach acid functions.

The major functions of stomach acid:

  • Crucial for protein digestion.
  • Stimulates the production and delivery of the bile and enzymes.
  • Closing of the oesophageal sphincter and opening of the pyloric sphincter.
  • Acts as sterilising agent again all pathogens that come with food, water and air.
  • Activates the cofactors responsible for many vital functions such as vitamins and minerals absorption.

Let’s look at 5 ways to improve the stomach acidity with easy daily steps:

1) Proper Hydration – key to the production of stomach acid. Pure water is what your body need in order to transform it to stomach acidity when needed. All other drinks don’t provide adequate hydration. All drinks except water such as teas, coffee, juices dehydrated the body. Please read these articles to learn the proper hydration routine.

a) Water with meals Good or Bad?
b) Is it healthy to graze all day?

2) Meal size plays a very big role in your stomach acid production. If you have low stomach acid you should not overwhelm it with big and complex meals. Small and light/half raw meals should be your new healthier routine. The meal size shouldn’t be bigger than what your hands can hold together.

3) Perform The Stomach Acid Test to understand roughly how good or bad your stomach acid production is and start to drink Digestive Elixir before your main meals to stimulate the stomach acid production.

4) Include fermented foods in your daily meals e.g. raw sauerkraut, kvass, kimchi, kombutcha. Read Repopulate article from 5R Health Approach used in Functional Medicine.

5) Exclude foods which trigger Acid Reflux, these could vary from individual to individual but most common include: caffeine, orange juice, tomatoes, processed food, carbonated drinks, alcohol, chocolate. Perhaps a food intolerance test would benefit you to help reduce inflammation and improve digestion and your overall health.

By implementing the above suggestions your stomach function will get back to balance and good health.
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Photo for this article is by Ricardo Gomez Angel on Unsplash.

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