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Think of your heart this St. Valentines

Think of your heart this St. ValentinesHeart – a fascinating faithful organ, the job of which often taking for granted. The heart disease are one of the leading cause of death in the UK, account for 1 in every 3. Let’s care for heart more on daily basis to prevent health complication and make the process of pumping 10 million litres of blood a year.

Top Tip for a Healthy & Happy Heart:

1) Potassium is number one mineral required for properly functioning heart. Potassium is also essential for water balance in the veins and all cells. High stress eliminates potassium from the body and therefore people affected by stress ideally should supplement with potassium. Food we eat on daily basis are usually very low on potassium, to increase your potassium through food make sure you have this daily celery, apricot and avocado.

2) Magnesium as important as Potassium and its availability though food is limited. Ideally one should supplement with magnesium daily. It helps fighting stress and play big part in muscle relaxation, just what most of us need at the end of the day.

Magnesium rich foods are asparagus, chickpeas, mackerel and rocket. Likely we can also absorb some of magnesium through skin, meaning that we can add it to the bath or apply a magnesium oil or lotion before bed time which will improve the quality of sleep.

3) Heart is one of the centres of energy flow in our body which is called Anahata in ancient Sanskrit or can be interpreted as UNSTRUCK = Not having been struck. Often our non expressed emotions are STUCK writhing us in the heart area which affect the energy flow and reflects on physical body and in our characters. Unfold your feelings, fears and expectation for your self and discover the work must do for better long lasting wellbeing.

Your hands can be used to help you to open this centre, as they are there for a good reason (in a line with heart). Rise and open your hands today 5 times to give comforting hug to people you love and care about.

Happy St. Valentines from Nadiya Clinical Nutritionist in Tunbridge Wells & London