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Remag Liquid ionic mineral

ReMag – Carolyn Dean’s Reset Range in London

Remag Liquid ionic mineralReMag liquid magnesium solution has been defined as a remedy that works miraculously for thousands of people worldwide. It is the solution for many health conditions that really works! It is a concentrated ionic Magnesium, the most needed mineral in the body, particularly in today’s high stress environments.

Nowadays we are living our busiest lives ever known in the history of humanity; most of us are multitasking trying to balance our lives at home, work, kids and socialising. All of these activities require an adequate supply of nutrients and especially  Magnesium, as in times of increased stress this mineral is used in greater quantity for many biochemical processes. Two of the main functions of magnesium are to help us relax and manage the stress hormone cortisol. ReMag from Carolyn Dean’s Reset Range is an exceptional source of magnesium that can be used to supplement diet and therefore avoid deficiencies.

Soil is very depleted of this important mineral and intensive farming does not replenish it. Over time, this leads to depletion in the body as well and the following signs and symptoms, which are the result of magnesium deficiency:

Signs and Symptoms of magnesium deficiency:

  • Anxiety
  • Cramps
  • Irritability
  • Tachycardia
  • Unrested sleep
  • Irregular heart bit
  • Poor concentration
  • Excessive sweating
  • Thyroid dysfunction
  • Low body temperature
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Inability to process alcohol
  • All skin disorders (e.g. acne, psoriasis, eczema)
  • Endocrine disorders such as PCOS, Pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS), Adrenal Fatigue, Auto-immune disorders in the endocrine glands (Hashimoto, Graves, Addison’s).

These are just a few examples of symptoms that result from a lack of magnesium. Optimising your magnesium will reduce or even may completely eradicate your symptoms.

Why ReMag liquid solution as the best source of magnesium?

Unlike other magnesium supplements ReMag is in ionic form which gives its the best absorption rate of 99%, compared to citrate 16%, glycinate and oxide 60%. The ionic form doesn’t require any transformation once in the body it is available immediately for the cells uptake. This means people feel the benefit almost immediately and once people complete one course of it, they continue to take it on a daily basis, as it does makes such a difference to their health and well-being.

ReMag from Carolyn Dean’s Reset Range penetrates immediately in to the blood and lymphatic system where it travels to the cells and is available for metabolic functions instantly as it is in ionic form. Only this ionic form of magnesium doesn’t overload the body and it is almost impossible to overdose on it. Unlike other minerals it does not create loose bowel movements and it is extremely gentle on the stomach and whole digestive tract, therefore it is exceptional for people who suffer from sensitive digestive issues.

Another factor that makes it stand out, is its liquid form and that one dose provide 150mg of 99% available magnesium. This means that it is very economical given the absorption rate. It is also much more convenient than taking the many magnesium pills needed in order to reach the optimal daily suggested dosage which is 300 – 400mg of magnesium. This liquid solution is easy and convenient to take.

Please note:

The ReMag liquid solution is a concentrated form of magnesium and it tastes salty, therefore you need to mix it with water or juice.

How to buy ReMag in the United Kingdom London, UK with a promo code:

To get a 5% discount please use this code nnn5 on Botanica Health Website here.

Suggested dosage for ReMag – ionic magnesium:

Take half a teaspoon am and pm. Note, if you have a health condition your health practitioner may advice different dosage and/of frequency.

ReMag works synergistically with ReMyte and therefore it is advisable to take them together to optimise the health benefits.

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