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Water with meals GOOD or BAD?

image stomachDrinking water with meals is one of the most common triggers for poor health long term. In order to extract nutrients from food the body produces stomach acid (hydrochloric acid).

The greater the concentration of the acidity during the digestive process, which is approximately 2 hours the better food will be digested, nutrients separated from the proteins and bad bacteria neutralised.

For example good stomach acidity is required to activate the intrinsic factor which is responsible for transporting B12 to the colon for its absorption. B12 borderline deficiency or severe deficiency is a very common condition observed in my clinical practice in clients over 40 years old and it manifests with brain fog, low energy, heart palpitation and numbness.

The primarily reason why we should not drink water with meals is the difference in pH. Water is alkaline and it neutralizes stomach acid interfering with the digestive process. Low stomach acid means the food will not be properly decomposed resulting in lack of availability of nutrients, especially minerals and amino-acids. Undigested food creates inflammation in the body and unbalanced pH in the intestine which contributes to SIBO and other pathological bacteria and viruses. Over years this habit massively affects the performance of the digestive system, the malfunctioning of which is linked to many chronic health issues.

It is very important to hydrate your body prior to your meal, to provide the resource to create stomach acidity when you eat.

TIME: The perfect time is 30 minutes before each meal.

QUANTITY: Drink between 300 – 500ml each time.

As mentioned before digestion takes approximately 2 hours, that’s the time you should leave your digestive system in peace to perform its job optimally for your better health

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