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Bad habits that contribute to poor digestive and overall health, №1

Image Digestive Health Tunbridge Wells NutritionistBad Habit №1

Eating when you are not hungry and snacking – you should eat only when you are hungry, this is because when you are hungry your body is prepared to receive food and your salivary glands secrete saliva and enzymes, which are ready to start breaking down the food. The chemical messages are circulating in your system, stimulating your stomach to produce acid (Hydrochloric Acid or HCL), which is essential for breaking down nutrients and killing bacteria, fungus and worm’s eggs. These messages also stimulate a pancreatic response, to generate the insulin for further efficient sugar absorption.

Nowadays we often eat partly because of habit or when we think we should eat, or when under stress – subconscious eating. When this happens the food is not properly digested and undigested food is passed from stomach to the intestine, where it starts to ferment and this creates a good environment for dysbiosis (dominance of commensal and bad bacteria in the gut).

The undigested food causes inflammation and long term, leads to weakening of the gut lining which contributes to leaky gut (increased permeability), resulting in many health conditions such as intolerances, autoimmune disorders and allergies.

The lack of a proper digestive process depletes the body from vital nutrients like B12, multiple vitamins and especially minerals; because in order to be separated from other organic compounds a good acidity is required.

Overtime this bad habit leads to low stomach acidity which is linked to most health disorders and premature ageing. Test your Stomach Acidity with this simple test that can be performed at home: Stomach Acidity Test

One should only eat when the hunger feeling is present, this will ensure the proper digestion which is the key to a proper function of the bodily systems and good health.

If you would like to reinforce the digestive system’s performance further and/or improve the digestive process you should prepare your stomach to receive food by drinking a Digestive Elixir prior your meals. Follow this link for Digestive Elixir recipes:

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