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Health Tips Nadiya Tunbridge Wells Nutritionist

Festive Time – Health Tips! Merry Christmas!!!

Health Tips Nadiya Tunbridge Wells NutritionistChristmas is a truly magical time where the atmosphere is filled with mystical vibrations. It’s a time when we like to give, love and care for others, whilst rushing, tired but happy make the last preparations before the long awaited family time.

Often over Christmas & Festive Period our immune defences decreases. To reduce the risk of sickness or feeling too tried and unwell, I have prepared a few health tips that works:

The Best Health Tips for strong immunity over the Festive Time!

Prioritise water: Ensure you drink good quality water, filtered and not bottled.

Start the day with a glass of warm water (500ml). Then during the day drink water 30 minutes before each meal and no earlier than two hours after. This is because water is alkaline and your stomach acid is acidic. Consuming water with or soon after meals decreases your stomach acid, which slow down your metabolism, digestion and more pathogenic microbes may penetrate your gut resulting in sickness.

Eating out: When eating out or at a party, aim to have nutrient dense meals (meat, fish and vegetables). Try to avoid excessive consumption of bread and potatoes.

Movement: Aim to get out and move more in nature, breathing deeply filling your lung capacity to feed both your soul and brain.

Give an extra support with supplements:

One of the most important of the Health Tips for Festive Season as ofter the high stress level affect the absorption of this nutrients which predispose us to seasonal weaknesses.

Supplements: Supplementing with Zinc (30mg), Vitmain D (2.000IU) and Selenium (400mg).

These Health Tips will help you to avoid colds, flu and hangovers from alcohol.

Wishing you Merry Christmas!

Nadiya Clinical Nutritional Therapist in Tunbridge Wells, Rusthall and London.

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash