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foto Is it healthy to graze all day?

Is it healthy to graze all day?

foto Is it healthy to graze all day?Is it healthy to graze all day? To understand this, we need to look at how our digestive system works. Let’s go! Nowadays most people overuse their digestive system by constantly snacking throughout the day. When we constantly graze all day this leads to the system functioning poorly. A poorly functioning digestive system results in many pathologies later in life. All illnesses start in the GUT – Hippocrates.

Often we force our body to consume and digest food when its not ready, frequently through social factors like the lunch break or subconscious eating to relieve stress.

If the body is not ready to eat then we shouldn’t. In contrast many of us often eat at inappropriate times partly because of habit (its lunch time) or when under stress (subconscious eating). These actions result in undigested food passing from the stomach to the intestines. The undigested food starts to ferment and this creates disbiosis (dis-balance of gut bacteria). Undigested or poorly digested food (a process which would normally take two hours) increases inflammation. The inflammation in the body contributes to leaky gut (increased permeability), which results in intolerances, autoimmune disorders, allergies and many other illnesses.

Eating at inappropriate times lowers the production of stomach acid. The hypochlorhydria or simply low stomach acid affects many people.

Did you know that you can easily test your stomach acid at home? To find out more, please read this article Stomach Acidity Test.

When should we graze/eat?

You should eat only when you are hungry. This is because when you are hungry your body is prepared to receive food. Your salivary glands excrete saliva to moisturise the food and enzymes to start breaking it down. The chemical messages are circulating in your system, stimulating your stomach to produce acid called Hydrochloric Acid (HCL). A good concentration of HCL is essential for breaking down nutrients and killing bacteria, fungus and worm’s eggs. These messages are also stimulating a pancreatic response, to generate the insulin for further sugar absorption.

Respect the way your digestive system works to avoid a nasty disease!

How to improve stomach acid?

When you graze all day, stomach acid is secreted all the time. Over a life time we produce approximately 300l to digest 50 tones of food. The less often we eat (and the smaller quantity) the greater the stomach acid concentration will be and the better food will be digested and assimilated. If your stomach acid is low or you have the habit to graze all time its better to review your habits and learn about 5R approach. Further, and as part of your healing protocol, learn about Digestive Elixirs.

The picture for this article is by Annie Spratt from Unsplash

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