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Your Blood Never Lies – order your test for only £35

image blood test tunbridge wellsNever has a blood test with so many health markers been so affordable. The Thriva Test is the most convenient and adaptable blood test available in the UK. According to personal needs they can offer a different tests which can be also personalised each time after your first test to get most out of it. There are three packages available to start with.

I believe everyone should do regular biochemistry checks to ensure the health markers are within range or ideally optimal.

Our blood is considered one of the connective tissues with vital functions that carries life. All the bodily organs and tissues are in a constant process of regeneration; for example it takes three months for all the Red Blood Cells (RBC) to be completely replenished, because the life of a RBC is 90 days. This means that after following a healthier diet and lifestyle for three months your cells will be healthier and therefore you will start to see the benefits yourself. For this same reason I encourage my clients to be with me for at least three months 🙂

Take this opportunity today to check your basic biochemistry to insure your body has a good base (health markers) to prevent chronic disease. The Advanced Thriva Test covers more than 15 readings, just to name a few:

Vitamin D – essential for healthy bones and strong immunity

Vitamin B12 – essential for good mood and energy production

Cholesterol – essential for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases

HbA1C – essential marker for blood sugar levels over the last 3 months

Iron Profile – essential for oxygen transport and healthy energy production

This test requires a simple finger prick and can be done easily at home. To get your 50% discount and pay only £35 for the Advanced Thriva Blood Test, use this link:

Convenient – low cost blood test in Tunbridge Wells, no appointment, no wasted time and from the comfort of your own home.

P.S. If your first blood test comes within range, then you can cancel the subscription at any time.

If you would like any help with interpretation, check this space; I am going to write about optimal readings for most of the biomarkers covered in the test :). Otherwise feel free to book an express consultation and receive professional advice tailored to your specific needs. Nutritional Consultation with a Functional Approach available in Tunbridge Wells and Rusthall.

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