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Foto 5R Approach to Digestive Health Tunbridge Wells

Functional Medicine – 5R APPROACH: 1st step REMOVE

Foto 5R Approach to Digestive Health Tunbridge Wells1st R = REMOVE. The first step towards health is REMOVE. We are going to remove all foods and drinks that contribute to inflammation, acidity and irritation to the body which eventually result in poor health. What are we going to remove?

  • Bad drinks (soft drinks, energy drinks, juices).
  • Bad food (processed and inflammatory foods).
  • Stimulants (sugar, drugs, caffeine, nicotine and alcohol).
  • Bad habits that contribute to poor digestive and overall health.
  • Parasites and their toxic load (bacteria, protozoa, fungus (candida), viruses, helminths).
  • Reduce toxic exposure through synthetic products in household.
  • Stress via implementing stress reduction techniques.

Lets look at a few insights into action points for Remove step:

The first steps are simple and basic changes that don’t cost you a penny but have the biggest impact to your health and wellbeing.

1) Bad drinks (soft drinks, energy drinks, juices).

You should stop having drinks that dehydrate and acidify the body, such as all soft drinks, all drinks with added flavours and sparkling water. Instead you should start drinking filtered water which will help to reduce acidity in the body, hydrate the cells, tissues, organs and systems properly. To optimise your hydration, please read this article:

Drinks to avoid:

Coffee, all juices (orange, apple, pear), all flavoured water and sparkling water, all soft drinks (Coco Cola, Red bull, Fanta, Ribena).

Drinks you should try instead:

Herbal teas (green tea, peppermint tea, tulsi, ginger and dandelion)

that you need to buy to make your water better quality:

  • Britatable filter
  • Glass jug to store filtered water
  • Glass bottle with silicon protection or Stainless Still Bottle

2) Bad foods (processed food and sugars):

On your health journey you should be avoiding all heavily processed foods that contain unknown preservatives, sugars and unhealthy vegetable oils. You must eat “real” food, mainly cooked from scratch and fresh.

The key to success is planning. If you would like changes to happen in your life you need to first set a goal and then plan how you can get there. Healthy meal planning is essential when aiming for better health. Read this article to get best tips to be successful on your journey.

During your health/detox journey the following foods should be avoided.


Cereals containing gluten are rye, barley, spelt or it is found in the following products; pasta, bread, pastries, most desserts, bread and most ready meals.

Gluten free alternatives:

Buckwheat (roasted) – you can buy it in supermarkets or Polish Delis Quinoa – you can buy it in any health shop, at Sainsbury’s, M&S, Ocado and Tesco.

Beans and pulses – would be healthier to prepare (soak) and cook them from scratch in a slow cooker overnight, but in your cupboard there should always be a few tetra packs of ready to eat pulses or beans in case you need to cook something quick, healthy and filling.


Dairy with some exceptions (this is very personal, so just observe how your body react): all animal milk in its original state should be avoided. You can try dairy like products instead.

Butter, kefir, organic plain yogurt (goat’s or sheep’s is better) and any Nut milk (almond, cashew, coconut, hemp).

Fats and oils: 

Fats/Oils to avoid are: vegetable oil, sunflower, rapeseed oil and palm oil. For cooking use coconut oil (odorless), goose or duck fat, ghee or butter on a low temperature. For dressings use: or. extra virgin unrefined olive oil, avocado oil, pumpkin oil and/or hemp oil.

3) Sugar and Stimulants during your first step on 5R approach:

Stimulants (sugar, drugs, coffee, nicotine and alcohol). We are avoiding at all costs sugar, drugs, coffee, nicotine and alcohol. Here I would like to specify information about coffee. Caffeine found in coffee affects the blood pressure, if you stop it drastically you may experience withdrawal symptoms, which are very unpleasant. Find out how to minimise the withdrawal symptoms in this article:

Sugar substitutes:

Xylitol and Raw Honey.

Get your health to a better level:

Additionally it is a time to go above and beyond hydration and food, it is a procedure that takes you to a different healing level by implementing supplements and other methods to improve your health.

New healthy habit for your Digestive System:

To improve the digestive system’s performance, you need to introduce a new healthy habit: drink Digestive Elixir 3 times a day 15 minutes before each meal.

I hope this introduction to the first step will help you on your health journey. If you feel like you need an additional support book your Nutritional Consultation with me in one of my Clinics in Tunbridge Wells, Rusthall, Sevenoaks, London or Online.

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