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Image 5R Approach to Digestive Health Tunbridge Wells

Functional Medicine 5R Approach: 5th step – REBALANCE

Image 5R Approach to Digestive Health Tunbridge WellsRebalance is the last step of the 5R approach and it consists of balancing your lifestyle choices. Things like good sleeping habits, regular exercise and stress reduction techniques should be learned and implemented in your life.

It is important to understand that in order to be in balance or healthy we need to pay respect to our body’s needs. The following areas needs to be look into and improved if needed.

Rebalance Sleep in 5R approach:

Good sleep is an essential time in which your body can restore and repair from physical and mental stress. A healthy sleep routine is to fall asleep before 10 – 11pm (the earlier the better) for at least 8h, especially if you are a woman because our body takes longer to regenerate.

Exercise in 5R approach:

Regular exercise and an active lifestyle contribute to good mood and an active mind. When we exercise we release the cortisol (stress hormone), that otherwise accumulates in our body. The accumulation of cortisol is linked to low mood and depression. There are only three ways to eliminate the stress hormone:

  • Via urination (which happens in that moment; when you are stressed you feel like you need to run for a wee).
  • With sweating (either when we are stressed we start to produce excessive sweat or during exercise).
  • With tears (most women accumulate cortisol for a long time and then they have tearful – cortisol releasing day).

What is the way you would choose to release your cortisol?

Stress in 5R approach:

Stress is one of the biggest triggers for an illness, but it is also usually the last one to trigger it. Our body has extraordinary resources and patience. It can survive with a minimum of essential nutrients for a very long time until its resources are completely depleted.

We are all affected by stress on a daily basis and although women seem to cope well with high-stress situations it affects them more than men. It is absolutely essential to learn stress reduction techniques well in advance. This will help to manage stressful situations more efficiently.

Stress reduction activities to look into when doing Rebalance:

Learn to breathe deeply – attend a worksop or read a book about breathing.
Join a Yoga or Pilates lessons – find a studio and a teacher that match your expectations.
Learn about positive affirmation – positive people live a better life and they are healthier.
Walk more in nature – use your 5 senses when walking in nature and be in the moment.

All of these actions release healing hormones and balance the vibration in our body, which eventually results in better feeling and a healthier body.

Implementing healthier habits and maintaining the desire to learn and improve are the keys to success and a healthier body. Do small changes at a time until they become part of your routine and then explore more.

Other techniques to improve your wellbeing:

  • Music – classical music has healing powers
  • Mantra – can be very healing to the body
  • Exercise – essential to eliminate stress hormones and keep a clear mind
  • Meditation – a great way to learn more about your body and mind
  • Visualization – planning good things and experiencing good emotions is healing

Positive emotions – quality time with friends, family and attending events that colour your life with emotions is healing

Apps and websites that can be useful:

Calm – a great website and app to mindfulness meditation and healing music of nature with wonderful acoustics, click here to find out more.

Head Space – meditation made simple online and app available, click here to find out more.

Louise Hay – positive affirmation, meditations, mindfulness guidance that can heal your emotional wounds, click here to find out more.

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