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Foto 5R Approach to Digestive Health Tunbridge Wells

Functional Medicine 5R Approach: 3rd step REPAIR

Foto 5R Approach to Digestive Health Tunbridge WellsRepair in the 5R Approach to Health involves the process of Gastro Intestinal Track (GIT) healing. During this step gut nourishing nutrients and supplements with healing properties should be introduced.

Rushed, modern lifestyles contribute to poor food choices which over time deplete our body of essential building materials and nutrients in order to regenerate properly. This lead to a poorly functioning digestive system, metabolic disorders, intolerances and almost all other disease.

 If you have practiced the first two steps for sometime you will by now have noticed some improvements in your health. This is because your actions contributed to the optimisation of the digestive system which is the key to our health. A strong digestive system ensures the extraction and assimilation of nutrients (which in turn promotes gut and overall healing).

What to do during the Repair phase?

During the Repair phase, foods with a high density of nutrients and easily digestible proteins should be consumed. If you haven’t introduced bone broth to your daily routine yet, it is time to do it. It is an extremely rich source of amino-acids which you cannot get from lean meat or vegetables.

Among many beneficial amino-acids, it is particularly high in L-Glutamine. This amino-acid is the most important for repair of gastro intestinal lining and therefore always used in gut healing protocols in Functional Medicine.

If you feel like you have leaky gut symptoms (intolerances, IBS, brain fog, fatigue or thyroid problems) you may wish to consider to supplement with L-glutamine.

It is also a good time to include good quality Seaweed on a daily basis. Seaweed is the best source of iodine; essential for a properly functioning thyroid. The thyroid is responsible for most metabolic functions in our body and healing is one of them.

Whilst implementing the repair protocol, it is important to continue with both of the previous phases.

It you would like to provide extra support I would recommend you consider to add supplements.  For free advice of the best supplements for you, book your 15 minutes free Nutritional Consultation by filling in the form here.

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