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Foto 5R Approach to Digestive Health Tunbridge Wells

Functional Medicine 5R Approach: 2nd step REPLACE

Foto 5R Approach to Digestive Health Tunbridge WellsDuring your 2nd step the Replace of 5R Functional Approach to Health you should concentrate on finding ways to replacing your old habits for healthier alternatives. First of all this involves finding and implementing healthier food choices and learning about good habits which improve your health. This step is a lifelong process as we should lean somethig new things everyday.

Self education and self improvement will be the best tools to get the health results.

One should look into physiological needs and learn to respect the natural flows and rhythms. Learn more about sleep, nutrition, light, emotions, relaxation techniques and everything that offered by nature. Here are some articles worth reading.

During REPLACE 5R Approach I advise you to look into:

  • Daily stress reduction techniques.
  • Regular meals and optimal hydration.
  • Enough protein for the body to regenerate and function properly.
  • Increase foods rich in enzymes to reduce inflammation and more efficiently extract nutrients.
  • Optimise the amount of fibre to support  digestive health, regulate bowel motility, feed good gut bacteria and eliminate toxins.
  • Support the production of hydrochloric acid by drinking Digestive Elixir which will result in better digestion, nutrient extraction and antibacterial properties.
  • Optimise your vitamins, minerals and other micro/macro compounds.

This is just a brief overview of some changes which should happen in your life when you apply the 5R Approach to Health.

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