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What is Functional Medicine (FM)?


Function Medicine is a holistic health approach which is based on scientific evidence and advanced

biochemistry to restore the health and wellbeing of an individual. It is a solid base that evaluates triggers, antecedence and mediators that lead to poor health. These health damaging factors can be genetic or acquired and they predispose an individual to a disease. Here are some of them

  • stress
  • social factors
  • bad eating habits
  • bad hydration habits
  • genetic predisposition
  • lack of regular exercise
  • toxic accumulation (heavy metals, chlorine, etc.)
  • bacteria (H. Pylori), viruses (HPV), yeast (Candida) and other parasites.

Each person is an individual and factors that contribute to poor health will be unique and they serve as a base for a personalised treatment plan.

FM principles and approach:

  • apply a system based approach
  • offers evidence-based medicine
  • uses only non invasive tests and treatments
  • reflects and looks at biochemical individuality
  • searches and addresses the root causes of the symptoms
  • develops a step by step action plan to support bodily systems in need
  • engages collaboration between the functional medicine practitioner and the client
  • considers all factors that affect our health (lifestyle, nutrition, psychology, hydration, toxic exposure, etc.)

Functional Medicine is the practical solution to address chronic conditions with a non invasive approach. During the consultation the patient shares their worries, symptoms and illnesses that they would like to receive the support for. The Functional Medicine practitioners investigate and consider the interaction among disease causing factors to find out the root causes in order to aid the return of vitality and health to their clients.

The personalised wellness approach is aimed to restore, heal and balance vital body system though nourishment and other health promoting approaches.


Nutritional Therapy with a Functional Medicine Approach is now available in Tunbridge Wells, Rusthall and Forest Row.
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