Consultations with Dietitian Anna


  • Duration up to 45 min
  • Treatment plan via e-mail
  • Follow up consultation
  • Support after the consultation
  • Supplements discount


  • Duration up to 60 min
  • Treatment plan via e-mail
  • Follow up consultation
  • Support after the consultation
  • Supplements discount


  • Duration 90 DAYS
  • Treatment plan via e-mail
  • Follow up consultation —Ö 2
  • Support for 3 months
  • Supplements discount

Consultations with Dietitian Tunbridge Wells

Anna secializes in gut health. She understands well the relationship between diet, nutrition, and the gastrointestinal (GI) system. Anna  helps individuals improve and maintain optimal gut health through dietary interventions, lifestyle habits and other methods of alternative medicine.

The Dietitian Anna offers:

  • Gut Health Assessment:¬†a comprehensive assessment of an individual’s gut health is performed. She¬†analyse symptoms, medical history, and dietary habits to identify potential¬†triggers that lead to¬†digestive disorders, food sensitivities, and¬†imbalances in the gut microbiota.
  • Personalized Dietary Plans: Based on the assessment, the dietitian creates personalised dietary plan¬†tailored to the individual’s specific gut health needs. This¬†plan¬†often include recommendations for gutfriendly foods, appropriate portion sizes,¬†meal timings,¬†fiber intake, incorporating probiotics or fermented foods, and eliminating potential trigger foods.
  • Elimination and Reintroduction Protocols: If food sensitivities or intolerances are suspected, the dietitian may guide the¬†patient¬†through an elimination diet. This involves temporarily removing potential trigger foods from the diet and then systematically reintroducing them to identify specific food triggers that may be causing gutrelated symptoms.
  • Balancing the Gut Microbiota: A crucial aspect of gut health is maintaining a healthy balance of gut bacteria. The dietitian may recommend strategies to support a diverse and thriving gut microbiome, such as¬†performing a Gut Reset Program and implementing 5R approach.
  • Managing Digestive Disorders: Dietitian Anna¬†specialised¬†in gut health often assist individuals with managing digestive disorders such as¬†Irritable¬†Bowel¬†Syndrome (IBS), Crohn’s disease, or¬†Ulcerative¬†Colitis. She¬†work closely with individuals to identify trigger foods, develop appropriate meal plans, and provide nutritional support to alleviate symptoms and improve quality of life.
  • Education and Counseling: A gutfocused dietitian¬†Anna¬†educates¬†patients¬†about the impact of diet and lifestyle on gut health. The dietitian Anna will¬†provide guidance on making informed food choices, understanding food labels, and adopting healthy eating habits that support longterm gut health. She¬†may also address the¬†psychological aspects of eating and provide counseling to promote a positive relationship with food.
  • Collaboration with Healthcare Providers:¬†The¬†Dietitian Anna with¬†specialisation¬†in gut health often works as part of a multidisciplinary team, collaborating with gastroenterologists, general physicians, or other healthcare professionals. This collaboration ensures comprehensive care and a holistic approach to addressing gutrelated issues.
  • Ongoing Support and Monitoring: Achieving optimal gut health is often a journey that requires ongoing support and monitoring. A gutfocused dietitian¬†Anna¬†provides regular followup appointments, assesses progress, and makes necessary adjustments to dietary plans to ensure the best possible outcomes for¬†her¬†clients.¬†It’s important to note that while dietitians can provide valuable guidance and support, they typically work alongside other healthcare professionals to develop comprehensive treatment plans for gutrelated disorders or conditions.

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