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Constipation is a common problem that most people face at some point in their lives. A person becomes constipated when they have trouble producing a stool.

Symptoms of constipation include:

  • hard abdominal area
  • feeling of not being “empty”
  • abdominal pain and bloating
  • stools that are less frequent than once a day
  • stools that are hard, therefore uncomfortable or even painful to pass

Constipation is itself a symptom of an underlying cause/s and can co-exist with conditions such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). Predominantly, it affects people that:

– have a sedentary lifestyle
– affected by high stress and anxiety
– eat diet that is low in fibre and high in processed foods
– have poor gut health (IBS, IBD, low stomach acid, celiac)
– have certain medical prescriptions

In fact there are many factors that could be the root cause of an individual’s constipation and it is important to investigate what that is to successfully resolve this unwanted issue.

It is not only uncomfortable or even painful, it is also detrimental to health and can lead to haemorrhoids or severe problems with the colon such as Diverticulitis and Oncology.

Did you know that women suffer more often from constipation than men?

One of the reasons is because women breath predominantly with upper part of their lungs where is men usually breath in full. The proper breathing massage the internal organs and optimise perilsasis (involuntary movement in the intestines) which stimulate healthy bowel movements.

Natural Solutions for Constipation:

Unfortunately, many of the widely available remedies in the form of laxative teas or tablets can be very dangerous when used long-term; causing problems including dehydration, electrolyte dis-balance, digestive issues, damage to the tonicity of the intestinal muscle, malabsorption of vitamins and minerals.

However, taking a supplement such as Triphala, FibreSmart or Cascara Sagrada, can improve bowel movements.

Triphala is an ancient Ayurvedic remedy to aid digestive health and restore balance with a  natural and gentle laxative effect.

FibreSmart contains natural plant based ingredients that provide the body with the ideal balance of fibre so that it can work in harmony with the body to improve digestive health, remove toxins and therefore resolve constipation.

Cascara Sagrada is another natural remedy for constipation called also “sacred bark” that slightly irritate the intestines enchanting this way perilstasis which is responsible for bowel movements.

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