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Make your tea a healthier drink:

foto teaHealthy Tea?

Part of the Remove Step from 5R Digestive/Health Approach is reduction of toxins.

Because in England we are drinking more tea then in the rest fo the world would be wise to get this habit a healthier one. The quality over quantity would be a wise choice. This is because the chemicals that are released from the tea bags and from inorganic tea, on the contact with hot water, release toxins that act as mediators and triggers for hormonal disturbances and poor health. Some tea bags are bleached and contain plastic (polypropylene) and other wide variety of chemicals that entering the body with each sip.

Choose organic loose leaf tea and organic coffee to reduce amount of pesticides, synthetic fertilisers and fungicides. These pesticides and toxins (both natural and man made) are linked to infertility, cancer and suppression of the immune system.

Here are brands that don’t bleach tea bags and care for the quality and purity of the raw material: Organic India, Teapigs, Pukka, Higher Living, Clipper and Salus.

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