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Food Intolerance Test with Lorisian 150+

Food Intolerance Test with Lorisian 150+Lorisian is a reliable Food Intolerance Testing company that has offered private testing services since 1998. The tests can be performed easily at home using the testing kit which is provided by a Clinical Practitioner to the client. The tests consist of a simple finger prick that is very practical, non invasive and quick.

Studies show that more than 45% of people have an adverse reaction to multiple foods they eat on a daily basis. These intolerances are mostly silent for years but in the long term may threaten and negatively affect health.

The Intolerance Tests are used to analyse the sensitivity one has towards the most commonly eaten foods. They test for the presence of IgG antibodies in the blood, which are produced by the immune cells in reaction to components found in foods.

Who would benefit from Lorisian Food intolerance Tests?

Everybody would benefit from knowing which foods are causing low grade irritation and inflammation in their bodies, but especially people with the following symptoms†:

– Fatigue
– Bloating
– Tiredness
– Migraines
– Low mood
– Headaches
– Low energy
– Panic attacks
– Aches & pains
– Fluid retention
– Chronic fatigue
– Excessive weight
– Irritable bowel symptoms (IBS)
– Skin rashes like dermatitis, eczema psoriasis and acne

If you are tired of guessing the root cause of your persistent symptoms and nothing has really worked so far, testing for intolerances would be a great approach, as they will allow you to improve your health by minimising or eradicating completely the above symptoms*.

Reference for Lorisian Food Intolerance Test:

†Food intolerance symptoms must always be checked out by a Medical Professional. If you have clients that have been to see a Medical Professional but have not been given a diagnosis for their symptoms then they may be suffering from food intolerance.

*Lewis J et al, 2012: Eliminating Immunologically-Reactive Foods from the Diet and its Effect on Body Composition and Quality of Life in Overweight Persons. Journal Obesity & Weight loss Therapy 2:1

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