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Foto 5R Approach to Digestive Health Tunbridge Wells

Be successful on your health journey!

Foto 5R Approach to Digestive Health Tunbridge WellsPositive attitude is a great start:

A positive attitude to food choices will make planning and preparing meals fun. On social media there are thousands of delicious meals to inspire from.

Think of what you would like and can eat instead of focusing on what you cannot. Notice the changes that you experience and write them down in a beautiful wellness book-note, to remind you that healthier options are better.

Give the food priority, time and consistency:

People who give food a low priority usually skip meals, grab food on the run and eat it, or become over hungry then overindulge to compensate. All of this damages digestive system function and to some degree all digestive organs. As we know poorly functioning digestive system leads to all sorts of disease.

If you would like to be healthier you need to respect your organs and start adapting healthy habits. It is a must to schedule, choosing, preparing and eating healthy food into your daily routine. Like anything else to get success we need to plan the food preparation and allocate time for it daily.

Key points that may be of great help:

Shop with shopping list.
Preparation is a key to success.
Cook bigger portions and freeze.
Use a slow cooker to save your time.
Prepare your breakfast in the evening.
Cook more and divide it in the storage box for next day.
Use left over from the dinner before for your next lunch or dinner.
Stock up on good quality jars and other useful plastic free utensils.
Order a seasonal veggie box to be delivered to your home weekly, for example from Able & Cole or Riverford.

Note: If you do not have time for a meal, go for highly digestible alternative such as smoothie or soup.

Places you can eat when you are eating out: Pret, Leon and Pod. Even if you are not around this places when ordering your food go for protein such as eggs, meat, fish, seafood and vegetables or salad.

Need a more personalised approach to address your health issue, book a Nutritional Consultation in Tunbridge Wells, Rusthall or Online.

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