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Addicted to COFFEEEE?

foto coffeeMost of us rely on coffee for the energy boost everyday. This habit unfortunately is not a healthy one, especially if we drink more that two coffees a day. Coffee is recognised by our body as a poison/drug and in order to eliminate it quicker the body rises blood pressure and circulation is sped up. That’s why we feelhigh/energisedand often need to run to the toilet shortly after a coffee.

Over use of coffee is linked to many health conditions such as reflux, hormonal issues, IBS, diarrhoea, osteoporosis and many other inflammatory disorders. It depletes our body of minerals and vitamins, raises cortisol levels and contributes to adrenal stress. It would be highly beneficial to reduce coffee consumption to one or two portions a day and where possible enjoy it with a meal or straight after.

Not all coffee is made equally!

CoffeeThe soluble coffee ideally should be avoided because it is highly processed and all the nutrients that are beneficial are lost, where as other chemical have been created which affect our health but especially hormones.

Coffee Beans:

Coffee that could potentially benefit us comes from freshly ground beans. To keep everything in balance try to minimise your coffee to 1 or 2 a day.

Important to know there are Coffee withdrawal symptoms:

Caffeine found in coffee affects the blood pressure, if you stop it drastically you may experience withdrawal symptoms, which are very unpleasant. To minimize the risk you need to drink strong green tea (one tea bag in a Chinese size cup) or two tea bags for one normal size tea cup (200ml).

If you drink one coffee a day you should drink two Chinese size tea cups of green tea. If you have two coffees a day you need to have 4 small Chinese size tea cups and so on.

This is because a 250ml of coffee has approximately 95 milligrams of caffeine. An expresso contains about 64 milligrams but a cup of green tea (200ml) has about 44 milligrams.

If you have to have several green teas a day, each day you can try to decrease it by one and swap for a herbal tea.

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